Water Damage and Flood Restoration Services

Summit’s Finest offers 24/7 water mitigation and damage dry-out. As professional restoration technicians, we understand the need for a quick response and dry-out with as little impact on you as possible. Immediate remediation is key to controlling any escalating problems and costs related to the water damage. Summit’s Finest has the knowledge and equipment to test materials and apply the restoration techniques required to return the items to their pre-loss condition. Water damage can be deceptive. Water penetrates into structural cavities creating trapped pockets of saturation. The detection of water in these areas can often only be discovered with the sophisticated moisture detection meters Summit’s Finest uses. Undetected moisture will continue to cause damage. In order to prevent dry rot and structural damage, it’s important not to reconstruct or cover wood and other wet materials until the moisture content has been adequately reduced. As water restoration professionals we can confirm proper drying before reconstruction. Getting your home back to pre-loss conditions as quickly as possible is our top priority. We have specialized equipment to dry out walls, floors and carpet. We will get your damaged areas dry and ready for reconstruction as fast as possible. In most cases the dry out process takes three to five days.

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