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Tips for preparing your home for a professional carpet cleaning


While vacuuming is not required it does help to remove the initial layer of dirt, dust and pet hair allowing us professionals to perform a deeper clean.


Dusting your baseboards and heaters prior to the carpet clean will help prevent the carpet along the edges of a room from becoming dirty soon after the clean.

Area Rugs

Remove all area rugs unless you would like them cleaned as well.


The more stuff you are able to move off of the floor the better we can clean the entire room and not leave spots uncleaned.

Remove light furniture

While we can clean around and under chairs, coffee tables and lamps, if you are able to remove them completely it allows for a better full room clean.


It is best to secure your pets in a place away from where we will be working. Using a truck mount machine means the front door will remain open during our time at your home. Keeping your pet secured in a room ensures they cannot escape if they become frightened by the unusual hoses and noises in their home.

Make notes of areas of concern

If you have spots that you would like us to spend extra time on please let us know. If you are aware of what caused the spots to appear please let us know. Knowing what is in the carpet will help us use the proper soaps for removal.