Rebecca A. Dillon, CO

This is the second time that Summit's Finest helped me! A couple years ago, a pipe broke in my crawl space and filled it with a couple inches of water. Troy came out immediately, pumped out the water, removed the soggy insulation and vapor barrier and dried it out. Because that pipe wasn't repaired well, it happened again! Again Troy came out right after it was fixed and got the place dried out again. Can't say enough about how responsive, professional and effective this company is. Thank you!!!

Don C. Dillon, CO

Our carpets look awesome, thanks again for getting us in prior to the holiday season.

David S. Silverthorne, CO

Summit’s Finest just did our carpet and it came out awesome. We have an old coffee table with old wheels on it. Some water was spilled years ago and created a rust stain. Totally gone after the cleaning, amazing job and reasonable pricing as well.

Bonnie W., Dillon, CO

Troy did a fantastic job on the carpets. I tell all my friends to use his services.

Brent H., Silverthorne, CO

I just wanted to let you know that I stopped by the Firehouse later yesterday and I was really pleased with the results of your cleaning work!

Melissa C., Dillon, CO

Troy did an excellent job on our carpets. I had my carpets done 2 months ago and they still look like they were just cleaned. Great products. No harsh smells.

Cindy M., Dillon, CO

Summits Finest Carpet Cleaner ROCKS!!! They are the finest!! They came over last minute and helped us get a stain out we could not get out. Popcorn Oil/Butter a huge trail of it actually. Not the first time they have saved us!!!